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Move from Intention to Action

You are a savvy professional with a drive to do the work that matters. Kimberly Kosmenko designs and facilitates leadership development experiences that give you the tools to explore and build on your unique strengths. We keep it real and focus on the strategy and skills you need to solve sticky problems in your work and career.

Audiences from Fortune 500 leaders to social impact entrepreneurs call our approach fun, engaging, and immediately actionable.

Sample Workshop Preview

Know How to Make Big Things Happen

The Changemaker's Essentials

Professionals on a mission need essential skills to be able to lead change within their organizations and communities. Accomplishing big goals in a fast-paced world is an art and a science, coupling group process and the psychology of how people make decisions.

In this workshop, you will learn foundational tools and a mental framework to confidently step up, sidestepping the wasted time and frustration that come with initiatives that fizzle.

Learn the changemaker’s three essentials:

  • The 3-step change process
  • Mapping the organizational change journey
  • Building momentum and iterative course-correction
Bring Your Own Challenge (BYOC)

We will apply the change leadership techniques real-time to analyze – and start solving – actual team projects. The goal: make sure you can act on what you learn.


Your workshop facilitator is Kimberly Kosmenko. For those of us drawn to take on big challenges, figuring out the next right step can be both energizing and a bit daunting. I love the process of scoping out big initiatives and orchestrating all the moving parts. I created this workshop to share the love.

What You Are Doing

Diving into the Deep End

You have a big, new team initiative coming up. Or, you might already be in the deep end and treading water to stay afloat.

Looking at the Long Run

You are navigating what it takes to move from managing a project to making long-lasting change.

Trying to Make Sense of the Moving Parts

You need a concrete plan of action to make your big goal a reality.

How I Help You

Demonstrate the Framework

I will share my framework for efficiently analyzing the initiative from all angles to discover what you need to do, who you need to involve, and how and when to act.

Insight into Team Dynamics

When you understand how people make decisions, you become a stronger team leader.

Maintain Your Sanity & Your Momentum

I will help you take action with playfulness, curiosity, and confidence.

What This Is NOT

A Lecture-Only Talk

This is a hands-on, conversational workshop experience. I want to be sure you can act on what you learn.

A Lot of Theory Without Application

We’ll practice real problem solving.

A One-and-Done Experience

You’ll have a roadmap to return to again and again.


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