Cultivate Authentic Business Relationships

Networking for Real People

Do you have a nagging feeling that you should build your professional network, but you don’t know how?

We aren’t born knowing how to navigate professional relationship-building. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll craft your game plan while learning practical techniques that just might make it fun to network.

The workshop is small and conversational to maximize your learning.


Your workshop facilitator is Kimberly Kosmenko.  I surprised myself by falling in love with networking. After years of mentoring other professionals on building professional relationships, I created this workshop to share the love.

What You Want to Do

Find Your Next Job or Client

You know you need strong relationships to land that next job or client. But, you need some help to get there.

Grow Your Career Perspective

You’re ready to get out of your professional box and learn about what’s happening across your industry, and beyond.

Figure Out Where to Meet People

Are you hitting the wall with networking events? Are you flabbergasted about where to meet new connections?

Feel Human While Networking

If you’ve ever avoided networking because it feels fake, or because you hate small talk, you’ve come to the right place. I believe networking is about being real, not simply about exchanging business cards.

How I Help You

Develop a Real Action Plan

I want to be sure you can act on what you learn. Through the workshop, you will be developing your concrete, personal strategy for networking.

Cultivate Good Conversations

I’ll show you how to prepare your unique and interesting questions to start meaningful conversations. And, I’ll share tips to cultivate professional relationships for the long run.

Find the Right Events

Where do you go to meet the right people? Popular advice about networking events isn’t always the best, so I’ll share my recommendations.

Build Authentic Connections

I’ll help you approach networking with presence, confidence, and authenticity.

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