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Consulting for Purpose-Driven Business

Year after year, your customers and future team members rank positive impact as a higher priority for making purchases and choosing where to work.

Is your organization up to par?

Strengthen your organization by embedding purpose, sustainability and social responsibility across your culture. Our road-tested consulting methodology includes technical analysis of your risks and opportunities, coupled with expert facilitation to help you overcome roadblocks to change.

Like to get stuff done? We do, too. Our experience showed that teams often get stuck on big picture decisions. Focused on meeting day-to-day demands and lacking the tools for change, they miss opportunities. We can help by providing the methodology to make big decisions and execute on them.

We know you want to work with a consultant that understands your business. Our team brings experience from social enterprise startups to Fortune 500, from federally funded labs to nonprofits.

We won’t just give you an academic set of recommendations. We’ll work with you, every step of the way, to meet your goals.

The Kosmenko & Co. Method

Define a Clear Purpose

Know that you’re solving the right problems by getting clear on your purpose from the start. We’ll ask insight-sparking questions and facilitate conversations to help your team to get crystal clear on your goal.  Success depends on knowing your destination.

Know Your Impact

Define the indicators you need to make strong management decisions about your performance as a positive impact business, and identify the data and analysis needs to support them. We’ll crunch the numbers and ensure our work is documented and replicable.

Address Roadblocks

Engage your team to make strong, forward-thinking decisions in a way that’s simultaneously fun and based in research-based techniques. There will be roadblocks – we’ll help you name them and overcome them.

Create the Path Forward

Establish your roadmap to make productive changes in your positive impact business. Kosmenko & Co. builds your team’s capacity to successfully act on your goals. We excel at taking you from strategy to detail-oriented execution.

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