Own Your Message

Public Speaking Coaching

You’re a rising star in your profession. You’re ready to demonstrate your leadership. Does your public speaking show your best self?

Smart, savvy, experienced professionals often hit a wall with public speaking. A recent client was invited to speak at a large, national industry conference. She knew she wanted to up her game for the big stage. After a confidently delivered talk that spoke to what her audience valued, her colleagues saw her as a stronger leader. She received more speaking invitations. Before long, she was awarded a well-deserved promotion.

As your public speaking coach, I am your co-pilot to elevate your talk and ensure you step on stage with presence and confidence.

What You Want to Do

Step Up in Your Career

Your talk is a big deal. You want to make the most of the opportunity to show your leadership.

Have an Impact

You have an important message to share. Let’s get your audience into a conversation about your topic.

Overcome Nervousness

Are you apprehensive about getting on stage? I will help you develop your talk and prepare in a way that will calm your nerves.

How I Help You

Develop Your Message

We’ll get to the heart of your message, and draw out the compelling stories that your audience needs to hear.

Elevate Your Stage Presence

I help you develop your unique approach to delivering a talk. Feeling nervous? I’ll give you techniques to turn that nervous energy into an asset.

Video Analysis

You’ll receive play-by-play feedback on your strengths as a presenter, and how to be your best self on stage.

Customized Practice Plan

Take the guesswork out of preparing. I provide an agenda for each coaching session, homework assignments to effectively develop your talk, and a practice plan to make sure you step on stage feeling confident, relaxed, and ready to own your message.

Shine on the Stage

I want you to feel amazing about your talk. I will bring a playful approach to coaching that will help you feel confident and ready to shine.


You’re passionate about learning, leadership, and having an impact.

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