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Meet Kimberly Kosmenko

For those of us drawn to take on big challenges, figuring out the next right step can be both energizing and a bit daunting. Kimberly has built her career on guiding clients and teams through the strategy and execution of major initiatives that depend on stakeholder engagement, making organizational change, technical analysis, and seamless project management.

Over the past 15 years, Kimberly has been a client strategy director, team lead, consultant, and mentor in organizations spanning Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and scientific research. She is known for her integrity, compassion, servant leadership, and strategic ability to get the right stuff done… quickly.



Client Success Stories


United Nations Federal Credit Union

“I work with one the largest financial cooperatives in the US and when my organization wanted to implement its vision of carbon neutrality, I hired Kimberly Kosmenko for insight. Kimberly worked with me to help us create our sustainability vision and plan through a series of interviews and workshops. Kimberly’s deep knowledge as well as her dynamic personality not only helped me shape our goals, but also made it fun. Kimberly had the answers. As my team executes on that plan – with Kimberly’s support – I’m confident our organization will reach our goals for sustainability leadership.”

Jill Guzzo, Global Sustainability Program Manager @ UNFCU

  • UNFCU achieved their core sustainability goal ahead of schedule
  • Staff engagement with UNFCU Global Sustainability Program is at an all-time high
  • Robust data collection and analysis process ensures a high-integrity approach to meeting goals
  • UNFCU's sustainability successes have been featured at United Nations events and in the credit union industry, inc. CU Broadcast, CUES Management Magazine

Tell Your Damn Story

“Working with Kimberly is a gift. She has a unique ability to see the full potential of an organization and break that vision down into a clear and tangible path forward. Her breadth of experience has allowed her to witness, first hand, the many facets that make up an organization and offer insightful and creative strategic solutions to the challenges so many companies face. She operates with a beautiful combination of professionalism, intention, and levity. Whether you are faced with uncertainty in your business or with a new opportunity for growth, Kimberly is the person to help you navigate and reach the highest potential. She is truly a master of her craft and a joy to work with.”

Kat Smith, Founder @ Tell Your Damn Story

  • Strategic business plan to grow mission-driven brand storytelling consultancy
  • Refined core services for enhanced client outcomes and profitability
  • Developed service packages that promote client engagement and upsells
  • Coaching to act on the business plan


“Kimberly came onboard to the Humana account during our busiest time of the year. Her leadership, industry knowledge and sustainability expertise allowed her and the rest of the Mosaic team to quickly come up to speed with the account. Under her leadership the team surpassed my expectations and helped us achieve outstanding performance on this year’s CDP and DJSI reports. Undoubtedly passionate about what she’s does and is a pleasure to work with.”

Nick Nosko, Workplace Manager @ Humana

Kimberly worked with Humana while employed by a boutique consulting firm, Mosaic Sustainability.

  • Deep executive and staff engagement process to develop strategic sustainability goals based on qualitative interviews and materiality analysis
  • Coordinated multi-year roadmap for client to achieve goals in collaboration with multiple vendors
  • Achieved national recognition with industry-leading scores on ranked sustainability reports

Rising Star Professionals

“Kimberly Kosmenko is a phenomenal public speaking coach. She helped me prepare to give a talk in front of a larger audience than I ever had before. We worked together to nail down my content, identify and improve my delivery and presentation, and focus on how to stay ‘in the relaxation zone’ before and during my talk. Come day-of, I felt confident and ready thanks to Kimberly. I would definitely hire Kimberly again and look forward to working with her again soon.”

Sarah E. Brown, Director of Marketing @ Service Rocket

  • All clients have been invited to speak at multiple events after our work together
  • Clients gained promotions, project funding, or new clients thanks, in part, to their successful public presence